"Man is most uniquely human when he turns obstacles into opportunities."
Eric Hoffer

Have you experienced the anxiety of making a change in your personal, professional or family life?

When you know that the wrong choice in a pressured situation can alienate loved ones, undermine future business and isolate key relationships how do you handle it? How do you find the best choices available to you? 

Facilitating change is like being a midwife or doula in the birthing process. You must be an experienced guide equipped to presence what is uniquely wanted and needed in each situation to successfully order chaos and give birth to the beauty that wants to happen.

The Efficacius Institute For Transformational Trainers provides a high impact training environment for you to gain understanding and experience in how to stand for transformation in your personal or professional life.

We have spent the last 35 years in multiple cultures around the world training and coaching thousands of individuals to master the art and science of facilitating transformation in the midst of the chaos and confusion that naturally occurs in any active life.



The Efficacius Trainer Academy is facilitated by Dan Tocchini best selling author, trainer, executive coach and entrepreneur. In thirty-five years Dan has trained tens of thousands of people as well as hundreds of trainers and coaches to develop lucrative consulting and coaching practices. He has led change initiatives at The Disney Company, ESPN, Microsoft and Interstate Batteries as well as designing and implementing enterprise consulting and training services. His coaching clients include many Fortune 500 executives and leading creative entrepreneurs.

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