Why is it that two people doing the same thing under the same conditions can produce such radically different results?  After years of conducting learning projects and facilitating change efforts C. Otto Scharmer says, "An intervention depends on the interior condition of the intervener."  

If creating beauty, ordering chaos, solving problems and making a difference, is a passion for you then, mastering the art and science of Dan Tocchini's proprietary training approach will transform your ability to make a difference in your personal and professional relationships.

The success of an intervention depends on the interior condition of the intervener.
— C. Otto Scharmer author of Theory U

What Can be Achieved

Training is a practiced mindset as well as a dynamic discipline for activating creative flow states in individuals, teams, and organizations that produce massive results.

Activating a creative flow state is the process of intensely focusing on something other than ourselves. It results from putting our ego (that internal sense of ourselves that always needs to be right, in control and looking good) to sleep,  allowing us to presence ourselves in unprecedented ways our ego would otherwise not allow.

In our proven four-month cohort you will learn Dan Tocchini's remarkably effective neuroscientific approach to personal and group transformation.

By mastering technologies of attention like specific forms of language, conversation, music, and media you will facilitate personal and cultural change before the cohort is graduated!